Chapter 2 of How to marry a French national in the Philippines and get a Spouse Visa (Marriage License Application)


March 6, 2016 by Crescentine

Step 4. Go to Taguig City Hall for the Marriage License Application with your French fiancée

Taguig City Hall is located in Gen. A. Luna St., Taguig City past Acacia Estates across the Hafele showroom. Note that it is very difficult to find parking before 9am in the area. For more info, call the Taguig city hall trunk line at (+632) 555-7800.


Now this is where the real challenge begins! It’s better to do this on a Tuesday or Thursday to be able to finish everything in one day because the seminars are only on TTh. It’s gonna be a long day! No need to call for reservations.

We took 7 hours, inclusive of 1 hour total break-time, to finish and we were already the epitome of preparedness and efficiency! I think we went on a very busy day as there were 10 couples with us which I heard rarely happens. Apparently, Tuesdays have less people coming in.

Phase One of your application process (30 minutes): Registration

  1. Arrive at 8:30am to be first (or second) in line. We were first in line!
    • Buy food or drinks beforehand and always keep a water bottle with you.
    • Bring 2 black ballpens with sufficient ink.
  2. Ask the information booth for the local civil registrar office, it’s at the very back of the main building.
  3. Go to the table and ask the girl in front of the LCR office door for a number.
  4. When your number is called, go inside the LCR office and talk to the person on the table directly to your right once you enter the door.
  5. Give all your documents and photocopies as I highlighted in the introduction part of this article (Scroll to the top). I suggest you photocopy everything at least 3 – 5 times to make sure (I did this and ran out of photocopies by the end).
    • TIP: There is a photocopy service across the hall from the LCR office (2p/doc)
  6. If the documents have been verified to be complete, get the piece of paper and pay at the treasury window 2 by the main entrance/exit. (Total of 190 pesos)
  7. Go back and give the receipt to the first window at the end of the hall (the first window you see before turning left to the LCR office) and get the marriage license application form (4 copies). Do not answer them yet!
    • Photocopy one page of the application form before going back to LCR office
  8. Go back to the LCR office and show the photocopy, she will give you instructions.
    • Answer the photocopy, this is a mock test because you cannot make errors in the original four (4) copies.
    • Bring it back to the LCR office after filling it up and wait for her to check the errors.
    • TIP: Your parents should already be doing their interview and giving their consent/advice with the LCR office while you are doing all of this. They can go home immediately afterwards!
  9. Answer the original four (4) copies as she instructed with the mock test copy. If it’s almost 9:30 am go to the DSWD office already for your pre-marriage counselling and submit the forms at the end of the process.


Phase Two of your application process (1 hour): Pre-Marriage Counselling

  1. The DSWD office is the the left building inside the compound when exiting the main building of the Taguig City Hall.
  2. Go to the first floor, turn right and enter the last door. Ask for pre-marriage counselling.
  3. You will fill up 4 short forms, 2 each and one logbook attendance.
  4. Give a photocopy of each of your passports, Legal Capacity to Marry, DFA authenticated red ribbon and a copy of each of your birth certificates.
  5. You will both answer the questionnaire. It’s basically a simple and funny questionnaire, just breeze through it. It’s in Tagalog though, you will have to translate. Don’t forget to write your names at the top!
  6. Submit your answers and accomplish another form.
  7. We were told to go to a Pastoral Counselling at 10:30 am.
  8. Once the girl announces that the Pastoral Counselling is ready, follow her to the venue and wait for the pastor to arrive. Meanwhile, you can already fill up your original four (4) copies of the marriage license application form.



Phase Three of your application process (2 hours): Pastoral Counselling

  1. The pastor made us wait really long, more than 30 minutes. When he finally arrived, he gave a 10 minute introduction then he went on for one and a half hour just talking about everything under the sun relevant or irrelevant to marriage in Tagalog. Some of the topics were religion, starting a business, sex, celebrities, wedding dress code, wedding ring color and material, etc.
  2. After the Pastoral Counselling, go back to the DSWD office and get your pre-marriage counselling certificate. Make two (2) photocopies!


Phase Four of your application process (1.5 hours): Family Planning Seminar

  1. By 1:30pm, go to the 3rd floor of the building across the Taguig City Hall compound with the Goldilocks.
  2. Sign a small piece of paper and make sure you complete all the details. Do not forget to put your middle initial or else your certificate will not be printed!
  3. Give a photocopy of the DFA authenticated Red Ribbon, Legal Capacity to Marry and passport of the French spouse.
  4. Sign the attendance sheets and attend the family planning seminar which now features a Pru-Life UK financial planning pitch.
  5. Get your family planning certificate and make two (2) photocopies.
  6. Go back to the LCR office.


Phase Five of your application process (1 hour): Final Interview

  1. Submit the complete, error-free original (4) copies of your marriage license application form, the original and 2 photocopies each of the pre-marriage counselling certificate and the family planning certificate to the LCR office.
  2. Get the piece of paper and pay 50 pesos to the girl at the back end of the LCR office.
  3. Give back the receipt and wait to be called outside for an interview.
  4. Once called, attend the short interview which is basically a simple discussion.
  5. Wait outside again to be called for the marriage license pick-up form.
  6. Get the marriage license pick-up form and go home. Done!


I hope you’re still okay. Kaya pa ba? The hard part is over. It’s now time to party! Go to Chapter 3!




15 thoughts on “Chapter 2 of How to marry a French national in the Philippines and get a Spouse Visa (Marriage License Application)

  1. Jenny says:

    Bonjour Cres, I got married last March 8, 2018..

    I have 2 question.1 How long does it takes for the red ribbon of the marriage contract in dfa Manila? 2 About my passport, is it valid still to use the old passport to apply for the spouse visa and for the cfo sticker even im married already? Or i have to change status on my passport? Confused.

    Merci Beacoup for the help…



    • Crescentine says:

      Hi Jenny! Oh when we got married before, we were married March 3. I was able to get the livret de famille and the marriage transcription in September.

      Getting the red ribbon from the DFA takes 1 day if you pay express, 4 days if you pay regular.

      You should renew your current passport to get your spouse name but this isn’t necessary (apparently) but I did this. You need the CFO guidance and counselling certificate and a copy of the original certificate of marriage (pwede kahit hindi yung NSO copy) in order to renew your passport to reflect your married name.

      The CFO sticker, you will get it AFTER you get your spouse visa. The spouse visa you will get it AFTER you get the livret de famille and marriage transcription. and in order to get the livret and the marriage transcription, you first need to obtain the NSO copy of your original certificate of marriage (the one on yellow security paper) and submit all the required docs at the embassy for transcription.

      Everything is explained in Chapter 3, please check it. Good luck !!


  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Crescentine,

    Just want u to know that we received the Legal Capacity after 2 months and half. I have a question. How long is the waiting time til the livre du famille will get? Thank you



  3. herve hoffer says:

    were is the chapter 3


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