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Bienvenue! Welcome to my château. 

 I’m an analyst, seafood lover and a French culture enthusiast. Feel free to look around but don’t break anything.  The place is full of pictures and stories of travels, tips, food and french. 

I have been learning how to speak French since 2012, both on my own and at the Alliance Française de Manille, and I’m getting pretty good at it. Mainly, I speak with my boyfriend, his family, our French friends and friends who are learning French too.

I founded an organization called ‘Society of French Enthusiasts’ because I want to meet up with fellow enthusiasts who learn the language because they love it and they love the culture. 

Seafood. Don’t get me started about that! I could just eat it everyday! Particularly shrimps, crabs, snails (I first tasted them in France, wonderful!), lobsters, shellfish, clams and all those crustaceans. 

If you come into the kitchen, you’ll find in the fridge that I love rosé wine, cheese particularly camembert and the ever-so-delicious saucissons. French food makes me high!

Don’t forget to close the door after you leave.  Au revoir, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hello Crescentine, my name is Ludo, i m in same situation as you were one year ago.
    It ‘s really hard situation and i think you can be proud to succeed be together in France.
    i think me and my gf need help, for step for marry. which papers, where , etc
    would you accept to talk/chat directly by apps ? like line, whats app or another one ?
    with you or your bf ? thanks


  2. Hello there!
    french or english? no problem with both…let’s use english first
    I am a frenchie, living in a nice region : Alsace (may be you know)
    in a few words, my girlfriend is presently working in Kuweit (so many “nice” people there…) and she is unfortunately sick (symptoms of brain tumor) and all she gets there is paracetamol + shut your mouth and work…We are trying to find a solution to get her out of that bloody country to travel back to Philippines first and then how we could travel to France to get her treated with the maximum chance of success
    Should you be interested in our story, please let me know
    best regards


    • Crescentine says:

      Hello Richard, I’ve heard of Alsace but I haven’t been there yet! Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what to do in this situation but I can offer a few suggestions. Firstly, if she cannot go back to the Philippines of her own free will, then she has to contact either the PH embassy in Kuwait to ask for help or repatriation based on the grounds that she is sick (I think a medical certificate will be needed). I know that she may also contact other government offices such as the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) or the CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) for help with repatriation. Kindly check their websites online on how to get into contact with them. I believe your girlfriend may know how since all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are required to go through a seminar prior to their departure from the Philippines.

      Once she is back in the Philippines, she may apply for a short stay or long stay visa with the French embassy on the grounds of seeking medical treatment in France. She has to provide all the necessary requirements for a regular tourist visa (see ‘VISA’ then ‘Tourist’ section in the home page of this blog)

      On top of the regular requirements, she has to prove financial capacity to cover the expense of her treatment in France since, being Filipina, she will not be eligible for any medical assistance from the French government. She needs to get into contact with a specialist in France already, via email preferably, regarding her situation and she can ask for an invitation with the address and purpose of her visit proving that the specialist accepts to take on her case and conduct the treatment for her as well as how much the treatment will be with a detailed breakdown and how many days she needs to complete and recuperate from the treatment.

      Ideally, she would also present an employment certificate stating her earnings, her leave of absences and how long she has been employed but seeing as her employer is not very friendly…If she applies for the visa as an unemployed person, you can provide a guarantee letter to be her financial sponsor along with evidence of your financial status (bank certificates, bank statements, certificate of employment with earnings, etc.)

      That’s all I can think of for now! Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂 Merci!


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